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Equine Bowen Therapy – Precision Joint Solution Plus

Marion Watt of EquestrianBowen– Jan 2nd 2018

Over the years I have treated horses with a range of ages, different types, and across different equestrian disciplines.

Bowen is a holistic therapy to keep your horse in top condition for any level of work whether that is regular competition or pleasure riding. About Marion

Experience with Precision Joint Solution Plus

This supplement has produced excellent results on a range of different issues including clicky joints, long term hind limb stiffness, improved comfort/performance on moderate arthritic conditions e.g. hocks and kissing spines. PJS contains proteolytic enzyme which appears to be beneficial for horses with inflammatory gut conditions. I will continue to use this product on my event horses.

Feedback on the initial group of horses put on PJS+

Horse 1 is age 13 with an extended history of hindgut problems. His leaky gut syndrome contributes to generalised inflammation which affects his joints. Previous joint supplements given were unsuitable as ingredients like alphalpa, glucosamine, saccaromyces cerivisae made gut issue worse. Due to the proteolytic enzymes in PJS it works well for his gut and his movement has got much better- he has much more power coming through from his back end. This horse will be maintained on PJS long term.

Horse 2 is age 17. He was written off by vets with kissing spines and hind limb suspensory desmitis six years ago. With Bowen, craniosacral and visceral therapy he has undergone rehabilitation and now events at 2* level. However, when commencing work he would often look stiff on a hind leg, particularly after a long journey or a long time spent standing on the lorry. He was on a good quality joint supplement before however since changing him to PJS he is rarely stiff behind even in colder weather and his suppleness in his dressage has substantially improved. A difference was seen within two weeks and improvement has continued over three months. We are confident that PJS will help this horse to continue eventing for a few years yet!

Horse 3 is age 18. She had a very clicky hind leg which at times looked pretty stiff. Vets had recommended medicating the hock. She was given Bowen therapy and also PJS for 28 days with double dose for the first ten days. Within that period the stiffness had gone and only minor clicking which is barely noticeable. Her next competitive outing was a medium level dressage test where she won the class on 66%.

Horse 4 is age 11. She had a reluctance to jump which was isolated to front feet. However, despite multiple X-rays and scans the cause was not identified. Since using PJS her confidence has improved and she is much happier jumping again.

Gut inflammation one of my horses could not tolerate any of the nearly hundreds of joint supplements I have previously tried. He has an extreme hind gut inflammatory condition of some description going on (I am still working on finding the root cause of that but I have talked to many “experts” in different fields over a period of 5 years and have followed many red herrings!)

He is fine on PJS+ and since he has been on it I have been able to add other feeds/supplements back into his diet which should be beneficial to him but previously he wasn’t able to tolerate.

The function of hind gut in a horse is more critical than it is for a human as horses have about 80% bacterial digestion versus 50% for people, so the breakdown of toxic proteins by enzyme digestion is crucial.


Other Equine Therapist Testimonials:


“I have been an equine rehabilitation specialist using the ATS Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse Therapy System for over 25 years. I believe an important part of the healing process includes proper supportive nutrition. After using many quality products through the years I was introduced to Precision All-in-one Leg Solution. I was impressed with the ingredients and the science behind it so I decided to try it on some of the horses I was working on. The results were amazing! Many lameness conditions were resolved much quicker and maintained significantly longer. As an all-in-one leg support it is second to none. I highly recommend this product for the rehabilitation and maintenance of athletic horses.”

Joyce Jackson – Owner of Animal Therapy Systems – California USA


“Precision All-in-one Leg Solution has had an immense influence on both my business as an equine therapist, and on my personal horse at home. My 30+ year old horse has really shown me a huge difference when he is on the product. I find I am better able to maintain his topline since he has been more comfortable using the rest of his body. My farrier that I have had for 20 years has noted the astounding change in the last couple years. They went from being thin and brittle, which we all just assumed were the typical thoroughbred feet, to thick, healthy walled hooves. With my clients horses I am better able to see the vast benefits of Precision All-in-one Leg Solution. The younger horses in training are recovering in half the time.  I am hearing from owners and trainers alike that their colts are working harder and retaining more which they attribute to the youngsters feeling better after hard work.  I am finding that the middle age competition horses are coming to me with less injuries and musculoskeletal issues. Their trainers are also reporting similar benefits of a quick recovery from hard workouts or a long weekend of showing. They are also reporting improved attitudes in their working horses. Many of my clients with retired horses have also decided to use Precision All-in-one Leg Solution. Although they aren’t having issues with their older horses, they can visually see a difference in their old partners in the pasture.   Their coats are healthier, and they prance around with swing in their steps. In summation, Precision has become essential in my field across the board.”

Tiffany Hahl – Equiscope Therapy


“I have been extremely pleased with the results I have seen with Precision Joint Solution Plus. As an Equine Bodyworker and Acupressure Therapist, I see many types of conditions in my practice. I am a skeptic when it comes to any supplement, if I don’t personally see tangible results I can’t recommend a product. I have seen consistently successful results with Precision! From arthritic conditions, to faster recovery of tendon and ligament strains/tears, to major scar tissue reduction, this product works like no other. I am delighted to find an all natural product that is cost effective and gets results. I have 3 of my own horses as well as numerous client’s horses on Precision. Two of mine are completely lame without it and are completely sound and able to compete while on Precision. The changes I experience in my client’s horses have helped me to address issues at a deeper and more lasting level, thereby lessening the frequency for veterinary care for things such as joint injections. PJS+ is an invaluable addition to horse care.”

Kristen Guerra – Impulse Equine Therapy Arizona, USA



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